Thursday, March 20, 2014

Oodles of Pork Noodles

I was just going through the gazillion food photos stored in my phone and I thought of dedicating a post to . . . .*drum rolls* . . . the KING of noodle soups (to me, at least). Hehehe.

I love pork noodles. And my choice of noodles will ALWAYS be mee suah, with an additional egg order - an absolute must for me.

Just a collection of my pork noodle pics :

Peter's Pork Noodles, Brickfields

Ooi Noodle House,SS15 Subang

DS Chua Brother Coffee Shop, Tengkat Tong Shin

Somewhere in Section 19 ( I can't recall the name of the coffeeshop).

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Ring a Bling

I was talking to Mike about rings the other day and I started rambling on wedding bands.
He gave me a puzzled look at first.

So I took the liberty to enlighten him - "Wedding band as in wedding rings yah. Not the wedding band band."

He gave me an angry look.

LOL. This is what keeps our relationship 'exciting'. Senseless bickering.

Anyway, people who know me know that I am a fan of bling.
Which can often turn out looking gaudy.

But in that moment, when something sparkly captures my eye
I get all excited.

SUPER bling

Another 111 days to our solemnisation and 118 days to our wedding dinner.
And there is still MUCH to be done - leaning more towards the little details to iron out.

I keep scaring myself -
Like what if we miss out on buying our wedding bands and we realized it on the solemnization day itself?

What if we forget to bring this, forget to do this and that?

Or what if our photographer and videographer bails out on us? (WHICH is exactly what happened to us a couple of weeks back). I felt inclined to bitch about him here when this incident happened but, I don't want to waste my time and resources to even rant about an irresponsible maggot. OOPS. SORRY. Just couldn't help it.

This is the cons of not having a wedding planner.

I was left scrambling to look for a photographer and videographer that meets our budget and also, liking.

Thankfully, I managed to get it sorted out within 2 weeks of the bad news itself.
Thank God. I can only just pray that things will run smoothly from now on.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ramen and Rice

Ever since I shifted office, my lunch places have been confined to KL Sentral, Brickfields or a 1km walking radius from Masjid Jamek or KLCC station.

Before that, my colleagues and I used to be so semangat to drive all around to try out different places while we were still based in Damansara Heights. Those good ol' days are gone *sniffles*

We are too lazy to take our car which is like a 10-minute walk from our office zzzz.

Anyway, on Friday night, we went to Bankara Ramen @ Avenue K after work for dinner.
Wanted to skip the jam on a Friday night so we took the LRT to have dinner there.

Buta Kakuni Don - I enjoyed this more than my ramen.
Pork, egg and rice with lots of sesame seeds.

I  used to really like the Bankara ramen and I was defensive over it when Jon mentioned that it was oily.

"Oily? Nooo. It was fine when I had it. Maybe that day, it was just bad."

But this time, I took a closer inspection as I remembered what Jon said and I noticed the layer of artery clogging oil.

As I scooped up each spoonful of soup to further inspect it,
it was then that I noticed pork fat being broken down into little bits and pieces
and I was like OH MY. I didn't realize what I was drinking.

I told Mike, "Don't drink the soup" while I proceeded to take . . .
one spoonful,
two spoonfuls of soup
. . . when Mike noticed it and said, "You just told me NOT to drink the soup."

I was just pulling a Mike.

He always STOPS me from drinking MSG laden soup
but then, his bowl will be almost empty.
"I care for you", that's what he says. PFFFT.
I say - "Learn to care for yourself, before you care for others."

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Birthday Noodles

Love birthday noodles (usually cooked for each family member's birthday)
except for my mother's birthday because she's the one who cooks it -_-

Takkan she'll cook her own birthday meal right? 
We usually go out on her birthday instead :P

Oh glorious food

The brother's birthday

x  x  x  x  x  x

Recently, I have been very, very emotional of late -
but mostly in my private time.

My innermost thoughts.

On life. God. Love. Eternity.
And it gets me so emotional.

It gets me on my toes.
On how to be a better person.
On what it means to live.

I suppose, better late than never.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Theme Dream

Initially, in the earlier stages of my wedding planning,
the GREEN theme kept popping into my head.

The more pictures I saw,
the more I would fall in love with the shades of green
(although I must admit, that green isn't one of my favourite colours).

I have two themes to think of - one for my solemnisation
(which is a week before the wedding dinner)
and one for the wedding dinner itself.

The pros about having two separate celebrations is that
I can have two different themes
(as of now, I'm already torn in between so many).
Pinterest is to be blamed. 

The downside to having two occasions is that
it comes together with more headache in coordination and planning
and well, there's more costs involved too.

But at the final minute, I changed my mind about the green theme
because I have so many other factors to consider.
I wanted to match my theme to the colour of my bridesmaid dresses.

I should have set the theme first then decided on the colour of the dresses
BUT oh well, too late for that now. Green is out of the question.

One of my bridesmaids have remarked that the dresses I bought remind her of Paddle Pop . LOL.
In case you were thinking, no, it's not gonna be a Paddle Pop/ Rainbow theme although I erm...did toy about that idea as well.

I even thought of a My Little Pony wedding theme but my sister's reaction to it wasn't very encouraging :P

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A + C's Wedding

Last weekend, almost everybody I knew had a wedding to attend.
I was 'educated' that it was because 1 March 2014 was a hot date - Yat Sam Yat Sai.

I attended a wedding @ Secret Garden, Lorong Yap Kwan Seng.
It was my first time there and it was great.

The dinner was buffet style and there was Roast Lamb mmMMm.

Love the light bulbs

Love C's hair with the fresh flowers

What do we all have in common? We're all ex and current Corporate Bankers ;)

Selfie !