Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Marriage woes.

Before the both of us even got engaged, we actually attended a pre marital course. CLICK if you're keen.

Most of the couples who were attending the course were engaged so initially, I felt a little out of place there. . . but the reason why I decided on going for the course was because I was fearful about marriage. I kid you not.

If there was one topic that we'd argue alot about, it would be - the ROOT of all evil. Spending habits. Needs vs Wants. Financial contribution to the household. Second after that, would be the issue of a domestic helper. Household chores *brrrr*

I grew up with a domestic helper whilst he didn't and we'd continuously bicker about it... but thank God that this is all in the past. We're on the same frequency now (or so I think).

Anyways, the course was a whole load of fun. I personally felt that the takeaway from the course was invaluable. It was a journey of self discovery and discovering one another (possibly things that you never knew about your partner).

From this course, you can discover your relationship weaknesses and also what steps you could possibly take to resolve it. It can help you to resolve conflict. This course helps you to nip problems in the bud - especially for those who have been sweeping their problems under the rug.

The course is an avenue to bring your problems and frustrations to the table, to confront it and to resolve it. It may not be resolved overnight, but at least you know that you have 'homework' to do with your relationship and it's up to the both of you whether you want to make it work.

As for the both of us, through this course, we realized that we knew each other SO well BUT we just refused to change our ways.  Also, my fear about marriage was dispelled because I managed to prepare myself (mentally) that marriage isn't as scary as I thought it to be after all.

I won't be a maid after marriage. Phew. Hehehe. I KID.

P.S. Mike, please do not comment on this post. TQVM.

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