Monday, February 17, 2014

Just some good ol' fried chicken

Valentine's Day was spent with me rushing home
to cook a simple meal for Mike.

Fried chicken & mashed potato with corn and mushrooms.
Actually, I know that it sounds pretty simple to make
BUT the mess that I made in the kitchen
to prepare this was bad -_-

I can't imagine how it'd be like having to clean up after that
because I was exhausted after preparing + cooking
(even WITH the help of a domestic helper).

I know that this is a first world problem and I'm ashamed of it . . .
because I've been giving other people sh*t on their first world problems.
LOL. Sorry guys :P

I really can't imagine myself cooking at home after work.
Not at this point in time.

I really admire those who can cook a meal for their family AFTER work (without a domestic helper).

If you're wondering what are the stringy 'condiments' on the chicken and on the side, it's deep fried ginger (just because Mike loves ginger).

Earlier, I wanted to cook ginger + wine chicken but it was just too tough
given the short time I had to prepare.

Apart from the 'funny' thing that happened on V-day (which I shared on Instagram) *ahem*,
another 'funny' thing that night was when I offered Mike ice-cream :

"Do you want ice-cream?"
"Why of course!!!! Give me alot!"

*takes out a tub of Walls ice-cream*

"Walls ice-cream? I want a little."
"WTH! What's wrong with Walls ice cream?"
"I thought that your ice cream was homemade so I wanted alot."

I'm not THAT free to make ice-cream okay... Pfffft.

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