Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hong Kong snippets

Been so busy with work and the wedding preparations recently
that this blog has been the last thing on my mind.

I would love to write about what I've been up to with the wedding prep (for memory sake) but at the same time, I'm afraid of jinxing things, for some odd reason.

I'm usually not into all this pantang larang crap but until I've secured everything, with the contract signed and sealed, I'd feel more comfortable sharing more.

Right now, it's just quotations, quotations and quotations. It's soooo tiring, especially when you don't have time on your hands.

Plus my Pinterest frenzy is getting worse by the day.
It's making me greedy for more MORE MORE -_-

Wedding prep rant aside, here are some picture (with more to come in separate posts) :

SO good. So good.

Just a picture of a lamp at the hotel lobby

This restaurant deserves a post on its own :)

Worth the carbs.

Tai Cheong Bakery

Sunshine in my hand

For the love of Lai Cha

Street pic

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