Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Morton's Steakhouse, Mandarin Oriental, Sg

Managed to secure a 9'o clock booking despite booking 3 days in advance.
The only slots left were either really early or really late. 9 pm is late for me.

Onion bread as big as my Mike's face.

We were wolfing down the bread
and the waiter told us to "slow down"
because we were gonna be full before our mains arrive.


While the steaks here met our expectations . . . . . 

it was the Mac & Cheese that blew me away.

Is is THAT good. Seriously.
An absolute must order if you're a fan of cheeeeseeeee.

Fat arms. Sigh. First world problems?

This dinner was Mike's early Christmas dinner treat.
I've been complaining hinting that we haven't been really dining out at nice places in awhile.

We're currently in the 'saving' cycle for the future and possibly, for the rest of our lives. . .
Growing old sucks. I wanna be a kid again.

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