Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Eve Dinner @ Home

I can't believe how I managed to blog post after post just to catch up so that I can 'close' 2013's memories in time. Tough work. *pat pat* *pats my own back*

However, I know that I'm still missing out on several other events. Bwargh.

Planned Christmas Eve dinner a day before.
This year, everybody seemed to have their own plans on Christmas Eve
so we didn't plan anything.

However, at the very last minute,
we decided to cook a simple dinner
for those who would be at home together with the +1s.

Smoked salmon and cream cheese on crackers

Mushrooms wrapped with bacon

Sister's signature avacado and mango salad

I was in charge of the seafood and chorizo paella.

For a first timer, it was passable although my sis said that it tasted like fried rice.
Don't think I'll be cooking paella in a long, long time.
I'll stick to meats, fish and pasta.

Apple crumble with caramel glaze and ice cream

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