Thursday, December 26, 2013

3Crab Delicacy Seafood Restaurant

The memory of the crab bi hun we had 2 years ago here
sure made an impression on us.

It left a mental note for us to return.
And so, we did.
Only to be disappointed.

The bi hun was really wet and soggy.

"It tasted so much better the last time."

Always the case isn't it?
The first bite, the first taste - often delightful, and memorable.
The second bite - WHAT happened? It used to be so much better.

The first bite and the first taste of food is akin to love at first sight.
You fall head over heels at first. . .
only to start discovering much later
on how there are others so much better.
It was the best because you couldn't compare
or didn't have to compare then.

As we were disappointed, we looked to see what others were ordering.
So we told the waiter, we want what they have!

Crab curry it was. A new love.
It was really tasty.
Especially with having the man taus soaking up the flavourful curry.

But alas, it could be Déjà vu once again if we were to revisit this place.
The second time may not be as good as the first.
But as of now, the crab curry still teases occasionally in my mind.

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