Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pan Xi Restaurant 泮溪酒家, Guangzhou

This restaurant is apparently pretty popular in Guangzhou.
However, the first vibe that I got when we reached this place
is that it smelled like a tourist trap.

Lanterns, lights, a lake, a boat on the lake
all just seemed like the perfect trap.

I was however wrong as the place was filled with locals.
Mostly families dining there with a handful of couples.

This restaurant is amazingly huge.
That night itself, there were about 4 weddings
held there in various sections of the place.

I peeked into one of the weddings and noticed alot of food wastage though. 
Although I know that this is really common during Chinese weddings
but their food wastage was almost double with dishes practically untouched.

This is a pretty common sight in Guangzhou from my personal observation.

Their servings are generally huge and they only come in one size (usually fit to feed at least 4-5 people). Hence, when dining out in Guangzhou, it's best to go in a group if you wanna eat dishes unless you have no qualms about wastage.

Since it was just my mother and I eating, we had to order dim sum due to the size of the dishes.

Dim sum for dinner felt weird. To me, dim sum is always associated with breakfast/brunch.

Spring rolls

Har gao (prawn dumplings)

The only item worth going back for has got to be the suckling pig. It was really yummy.

And oh, we went to the restaurant by cab but we could not catch a cab back.

It was SO difficult to flag a cab down at this area so we asked for directions to the nearest metro (which wasn't exactly near) and walked there to catch the MRT back to our hotel.

Apparently, the only time you can call a cab to pick you up is when you need a cab for airport transfer. Apart from that, the cab drivers won't pick you up even if you call. Not sure how true is this but this was what our hotel staff told us.

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