Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dim Sum in Guangzhou

I wasn't really prepared for this Guangzhou trip because usually before I travel, I'd get a whole list of places to eat which I didn't do this time around because I was bogged down with work.

Anyhow, a lesson learnt there is that I HAVE to do research before I head there the next time because I can't load alot of food blogs in Guangzhou. Blogspot is blocked. And so is Facebook. Boo hoo.

My mum thankfully did read up on some food places so we went to have some dim sum @ Skyline Plaza Hotel in two separate restaurants on different days.

Travelling in a pair didn't enable us to savour a variety of food
because the food portions in Guangzhou are generally big.

Since I can't remember read the names of the restaurants, I shall refer to them by the levels instead. Damn fail I know.

It's extremely difficult to get around Guangzhou without being able to speak Cantonese or read pin yin (as the dim sum menus are ALL in Chinese).

But I know that if I was forced to order, I'd still be able to survive by ordering siew mai, char siew pau, pei tan sau yuk chuk, ha chee cheong fun and tan tart. Hahaha. The only items that I can pronounce (or so I think) are my staple dim sum choices.

Would highly recommend bananas (like me) to print out the names of the food in Chinese that you want to eat/order when you're there and bring it to the restaurant.

It makes life so much easier.
Level 3 (Skyline Plaza Hotel) dim sum :

Level 2 (Skyline Plaza Hotel) dim sum :

The ambience at Level 2 dim sum was so much more nicer than Level 3. On Level 3, there were people smoking while eating. At least the crowd at Level 2 seemed more 'proper'.

Dim sum wise - Level 3's dim sum is humongous. Siew Mai wasn't really to my liking. It was like a chunk of meat. Not refined enough. Porridge was so-so. But the beancurd skin wrap thingy was nice.

Level 2's char siew pau is a no-no as well. Not much char siew filling and full of fats. Egg tart was quite nice though. 

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