Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wedding Shoes

A friend of mine told me that wedding shoes are the hardest to find.

But, after googling for wedding shoes, I found SO many wedding shoes that I wouldn't mind wearing. There are just sooooo many.

However, Mike would probably mind as I would be towering over him.
The nicer wedding shoes usually have at least 5 inch heels.
I can only afford to wear 2 and a half inch heels, unfortunately.

I'm not very particular about wedding shoes, only because it can't be seen.
It would be hidden underneath the gown.

The ONLY time it is actually seen is when the photographer takes a picture of it.

We came across a decent looking pair of wedding shoes last weekend and it was at a good price.

My mum kept asking me to get my wedding shoes now (even though it's 10 months til the big day). However, most people have been telling me that I don't have much time left. STRESS!

The only downside to early preparation is that I might end up stocking up on a whole load of wedding shoes every time I come across something nice.

With that being said, I hope that I won't have a change of mind about the gown as well. Hehe ;)

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