Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vroom vroom.

While I was leisurely driving on the right lane
at an acceptable speed (wasn't road hogging ok just FYI),
I saw a car coming from afar
driving at more than 100 km/h . . .

So naturally, I had to step on it
but me and my *cough* humble car couldn't take the speed.
Even though I was only at 100
I felt like I was flying ROFL *seriously*

Honestly, I'm NOT used to driving fast
although my mum would beg to differ. . .
but that's because whenever I drive her Camry,
it's so much powerful and steadier than my car
so I feel more confident accelerating. Tee hee.

Anyways, back to my 'need for speed' story -

The car behind me was tailgating really close
and I couldn't keep left
because there were so many cars -
so I had to endure the torturous moment
of being tailgated for a few minutes
until I could keep on the left lane.

And being a 'typical' Malaysian driver,
I wanted to LOOK at the idiot tailgating me,
but I couldn't because the car zoomed past me
as I kept left  . . .

BUT then, I noticed that there was a white car
tailgating the car behind me . . .
AND GUESS WHO was that?!?!?!?


It was none other than the . . . fiancé.

I gave him a shelling after that
to which he retorted "He tailgated me first."

OH BOY. Time for some apt music.

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hamsterhamster said...

This is also damn hilarious.