Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Good Batch, indeed.

Mike wanted to eat lam mee for brunch (again) but he obliged my request to try out The Good Batch @ Uptown instead. Good fiancé *pats head*

We both ordered the Iced Chocolate.

Mike's ang moh breakfast.

When it arrived, he said, "Not ang moh size also..."

The size is good for girls. Usually, the big breakfasts are TOO big but this size is perfect (in my opinion). You get a little bit of everything in the right proportion.

My sis recommended me to try out the Portobello Road and so I did.

NO regrets ordering this because it was good.
If you love mushrooms & eggs, this is PERFECT.

I love how the portobello mushroom is's crisp on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside. Plus, the eggs are perfectly cooked. One jab with my fork and the yolk flows out.

Because Mike's ang moh wasn't ang moh in size, we ordered some finger licking good chicken (served with honey mustard).

Loved this but it's pretty fattening.

Anyway, food aside, I just thought of sharing something funny (to me at least).

While we were waiting for a table at The Good Batch,
I saw a couple there whom I saw at Guangzhou Airport and who was on the same flight as well.

I whispered to Mike, "What a small world...I saw both of them at the airport and they are here today as well. I thought she was a Hongkie."

The more I looked at her, the more familiar she looked.

I asked Mike, "Eh, borrow your phone, I wanna go on FB. I think that she's on my Friends List."
And true enough, she was my "friend".

This didn't hit me while I was at the airport because I was so tired.
We must have met years ago but we just can't remember each other today -_-

Another funnier and also similar story was that one day I was eating at some Chinese restaurant (coffee shop tai chow) with Mike when I noticed a newspaper cutting of an article on the restaurant on the wall.

The "owner's face (or probably most likely the son of the owner) was in the article. He was also physically there serving us.

I was thinking to myself on how this guy looks SO familiar.

Again, I logged into my FB and lo and behold, he was on my Friends List too. It was a damn weird moment as I ate there and he served us but we didn't even acknowledge each other. LOL. So random.

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