Saturday, October 12, 2013

Petty arguments.

For those of you who have seen Mike and I argue,
you'd know that we'd often get into
intense debates/arguments
over very petty stuff
that outsiders would find hilarious.

Most of the time while we are arguing
I'd feel like strangling him,
and he probably feels the same vice versa.

So today's petty argument started
when I got into Mike's car
and he pointed at his car sticker that was peeling off
commanding me to stick it back on.

Because I didn't like his commanding tone,
instead of sticking it back
I peeled it off halfway
as a joke to piss him off.

After that, I stuck it back on
but his face was charcoal black and fuming
because there were air bubbles.

While he was seething in his anger
I chuckled to myself
at how ridiculous he was behaving.

Later, when he dropped me home, he messaged me and said -

"Pulling out my sticker is the equivalent of me crushing your Chanel bag. I'm gonna penyet your bag."

"Please lah. The bag is expensive. The sticker is cheap."

"Still. It's the look of my car..."

I just felt like doing this after reading his reply . . .

Thank goodness that he didn't tell me that face to face.
Another argument would have ensued. For sure.

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