Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lunch Date

Was meaning to post these pics last week but my busy *cough* schedule doesn't permit me to. It's always the case that whenever I'm going away for a break, the work just HAS to come in at the very last minute.

I can't imagine opening my work mail tomorrow.
Those scores of red lines denoting unread emails
with deadlines and chasers... Brrrr.

Until reality sinks in tomorrow, here are some pics of food @ my our favourite value-for-money restaurant that serves great food ;)

On another note, it sure feels GOOD to be home after being away for just 5 days.
BUT it really sucks to read the newspapers to catch up on the latest events happening in Malaysia.

The news makes me sick. And also depressed occasionally.
Murder and rape news especially.
Sometimes, no news is good news.


Julia said...

where is this restaurant may i ask?

mizzvickz said...

Sage@ Gardens, MV :)