Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Scones in the Highlands.

In case you were wondering how did these two gluttons eat this whole load of food in one visit, well, we visited The Lord's Cafe TWICE because the first time we went there, they ran out of their strawberry fruity scones.

"The ONLY Strawberry Fruity Scone."

I just HAD to try it out.
After all, I'm not sure when will I next return to Cameron Highlands.
I brought back some scones to KL for my family to try it out too :o)

Normal scone which was good as well.

I came across this cafe after googling on where to find the best scones in Cameron Highlands.

Considering that I only ate scones @ The Boh Tea plantation and @ The Lord's Cafe while in Cameron Highlands, The Lord's cafe wins hands down.

Chicken pie. Mike and I liked it.

Lemon cheesecake was a special of the day that day.
Anything SPECIAL gets my attention.

Banana milkshake. Yummy.

Home made hashbrown. Worth ordering! I expected a potato coated with flour, ala your typical hash brown but this is different. It has potatoes, onions, carrots, a little garlic, a little cheese and a dash of oregano spice (if my tastebuds got it right).

I found it pretty addictive and found myself wanting more of it after each bite. If only I could just snack on this while watching my Korean dramas. Tee hee.

The famous fruity scone!

The apple pic with ice cream was delightful as well with generous apple filling.

Mike had TWO mango + banana lassi(s).

Truly a lovely place for tea!

Decided to post this picture the last because it's the least attractive food pic that I took there. Hahahaha. 

Mike ordered a sunny side up and french toast for brunch on our last day in Cameron Highlands. No complaints about the taste because it tastes like how it should be. 

However, do try the scones + hash browns + chicken pie + lassi when visiting :)

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