Saturday, September 7, 2013

Osteria Real Blue, Publika

Oxtail Soup

Lamb pasta

Smoked salmon pasta

Considering that I frequent Publika quite a fair bit, I should have covered every single restaurant there. However, being a creature of habit, I will usually go back to the same ol' restaurants each time and I'll refuse to dine elsewhere unless a friend recommends it or if I have read food reviews on a blog.

However, for Osteria, it was the crowd that pulled me in. I peered into their restaurant as I walked past one day and as it was relatively packed, I made a mental note to dine there.

If you've tasted the pasta in Italy before, the pasta at Osteria tastes very similar. Very authentic tasting pasta. The sauce isn't overpowering which allows you to appreciate the taste and texture of the mildly seasoned pasta even more.

It might come off as bland tasting to others though for those who are used to rich pasta sauces.

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*kim* said...

Hello Vic! Was reading up reviews about Osteria and so happened clicked on ur review about this restaurant. What a coincidence!

Good blog btw! ;)