Saturday, September 14, 2013


Mike and I will have a different noodle cravings from time to time.

There was one point in time where we would eat Lam Mee, Living Food Restaurant @ Uptown almost every other week.

There was another time we would eat Ipoh Hor Fun at Chong Thoong Kee @ TTDI every weekend as well.

There was also a moment we kept on eating Fish Head Noodles, SS20 Fish Head Noodles, Damansara Kim every time we couldn't think of what to eat.

This time around, our persistent noodle cravings have been mee suah for me and his usual kuay teow soup for him @ Kedai Makanan Teow Chew, Jalan SS22/21, Damansara Jaya.

I could eat this everyday.
I love everything in it!

Yong Tau Foo side order. . .which Mike tends to over order every time -_-

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