Friday, September 13, 2013

JUMBO prawn

Brought Mike to Tonkatsu by Ma Maison @ 1U because
I have been having pork cutlet cravings.

But after this meal, I think I'm gonna stay away from pork katsu for some time.
The food here is good but I just can't eat it too often.

My tastebuds are undergoing puberty.
I don't crave for fast food as much as I used to.
I find Coca Cola too sweet.
I feel a need to detox after a fatty meal.
I have been leaning towards ordering fish over meat.
I can't too much of fried stuff nowadays. My stomach will feel uneasy.
And the list goes on.

I warned Mike that the portions were huge BUT he refused to listen and ordered tofu as a side order.
And as usual, after dinner, he would be complaining about how full he is.

I see the old me in him. Hahaha.

I ordered the Jumbo prawn and pork loin set and was shocked to see how BIG the prawn actually was.

Before that, I was thinking of whether to get 2 Jumbo prawns as my set.
Glad I didn't order that.
DAMN jelak man.

This is actually a picture of the jumbo prawn sliced.

As much as I love prawns, this whole meal was just way too MUCH.
After eating half the prawn, every bite thereafter was a challenge to eat.
It was so filling on its own - and I didn't even eat the fried coated batter.

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