Monday, September 16, 2013

Idiots in the cold.

Long weekend = opportunity for a short weekend getaway.

We planned this trip a couple of months in advance
because we knew that most people would think like us (herd mentality *cough*)
and that rooms would be fully booked out
had we not booked months ago.
Needless to say, Cameron Highlands was jam-packed that weekend.

A 2 km stretch from Equatorial to Brinchang town took us 1 and a half hours.
It was crazy. Mike kept lamenting on how the jam in Camerons is worse than KL.

Anyway, I didn't expect Cameron Highlands to be cold so I didn't pack any long pants.

But thank goodness that I dumped a cardi and 3 quarter sleeved jacket
in my bag at the very last minute just-in-case.

I asked Mike whether it'd be cold and he assured me that it's not cold.
He explained on how the pollution is so bad
with all the ongoing developments there and the air isn't as cold as it used to be.
Global warming etc.

It made sense to me because Genting isn't as cold as how it used to be as well.

However, it rained on our first day there.
It was 18 degrees and the wind was pretty strong.
The rain water that brushed against us was ice cold.

We were shivering
and we both caught a cold -_-

To add, the apartment floor was SO cold
we had to tip toe and run to get on the sofa (which was also very cold).

The toilet seat . . . . .
reminded me of my winter days in Melbourne.

I must have been the only idiot wearing shorts that day -_-
It was also the first time Mike made use of his car seat warmer. LOL.

Wanted to snap a picture of the lady's umbrella. Almost everyone there was carrying a strawberry print umbrella. I wanted to get one too :P

Strawberry products everywhere in the form of bags, soft toys, clothes, ear mufflers, etc.

The Brinchang market which was causing a massive jam.

The simple steamboat that we had on the first night
was damn shiok
thanks to the cold. 

We were thankful that the restaurant
still served the both of us
even though they were about to close -_-

Thank God ;)
Just the thought of NO steamboat after a 2 hour jam = a ghastly NoOOoOoo.

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