Wednesday, September 11, 2013


One of the many important items to thrash out among couples
before moving into the same house once married is

Recently, Mike has been driving me up the wall.

I have YET to move into his house
and will only do so once we sign the papers.

Some friends have asked me to
move in to get accustomed to married life
since I'm already engaged.

I'm like NO WAY.
I have a lifetime to get accustomed.
It doesn't matter much if I were to test the waters earlier.

Anyways, back to Mike driving me crazy -
every time something breaks down in his house
(be it his water heater,  stolen drain cover, air con not cold enough urgh, etc),
I'd get a call from him
asking me to arrange for someone to fix it
and he will be nagging reminding me to contact the person.

"Have you called the person yet?"

I'm already a "one-stop-centre" at work
and I have to be a one-stop-centre at home?
*pulls hair out*

I started out by pulling out my "gender equality rights" card
and an argument ensued.

"I'm very busy at work. I have no time," is one of Mike's famous lines. Heard it a gazillion times.
"I'm also working. You think I'm not busy? Whatmore you finish earlier than me."
"My job is more hectic than yours."
"My job is also stressful."
"You guys go out for long lunches, chit chat and work late. Don't think I don't know."
"WAHLAU. Please la. Don't think that you know everything. Our workload is very heavy."

We'll be trying to outdo each other on who is busier -_-

"I thought that you always wanted to be a housewife?"
"I want to be a tai tai with a maid. I need a maid. I am NOT going to become your maid."

"Can't you help out?"
"I can but you're asking me to do every.single.thing. You need to have the initiative to do things YOURSELF instead of asking me to arrange this and that."

"There's only one thing that you're good at helping out. Quick to plan holidays."
"It's a skill set."

Vic - 1
Mike - 0

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