Monday, September 30, 2013

Cake in a Cup

Never knew such a thing existed.
Where oh where have I been?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

A meaty affair

Sister made dinner arrangements @ Las Vacas yesterday.
The wagyu here is pretty good and the price is reasonable.

We sat inside because my sis said that when she sat outside the last time, there were lots of mosquitoes. We sat beside the frozen meat display. Unglam ambience. LOL.

Inside the restaurant, there was a pesky fly that bothered us.
So take your pick -  it's either the flies or mosquitoes.

However, insects aside, dinner was enjoyable.

Family pic

Saturday, September 28, 2013

A yearly affair

"So what are your plans?"
"My mum is cooking mee suah."

My yearly birthday dinner with the family.

Super love !
Beats fancy dining outside anytime.

Friday, September 27, 2013

27 on 27

Most people have told me that I should go all out to celebrate my LAST birthday as a single person. But shouldn't I celebrate my last moment of "singlehood" during my hen's night?  :)

How has life been for me after 27 years of living?

Firstly, I am grateful to still be alive and healthy.
Secondly, I have been living a really blessed life.
I am so thankful for all these God given blessings.

My family, friends & colleagues have been nothing short of wonderful.
I have a job. A home. A dog.
And a future husband. LOL.

And also a God to lean on when things don't turn out the way I'd like it to be.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Burger Trio

Previously, the three of us had burgers @ Big Hug Burger. CLICK.
This time around, the three of us had burgers @ KGB Burger 

KGB = Killer Gourmet Burgers.

It was a KILLER.
Killed my diet instantly.
But, it was worth it.

I had the truffled swiss mushroom burger.
I loved it. Tasted like Burger King's mushroom swiss burger, just that the patty was way better.

Mike and Jon had the double animal.

Mike and Jon said that the burgers here reminded them of 'In & Out' burgers.

I felt so left out because I couldn't relate :( *sniffles*
Bring me to the States! 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Unsurprising surprise.

Mike called : "Guess what? I'm in Pavilion now."

"What are you doing there?"

"I'm buying you a surprise present."

"Wth. Thanks for spoiling the surprise."

"I wanted to buy you a YSL clutch. Luckily I called your sister. She said that you have one already. After that, I went to Ferragamo. I wanted to get you the small Ferragamo sling bag. But she told me that you have it as well. LUCKY thing I called her. So what do you want?"

"Actually, you don't need to get me anything. I'm so touched that you're even thinking of getting me something. It's the thought that counts."

"Yeah. TRUE!!! It's the THOUGHT that counts."

Mike was snickering away.
He went home from Pavilion empty handed.


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Brunch in Bangsar

The mother felt like having a hearty brunch
so I brought her to Three Little Pigs.

She was pretty pleased with the brunch.
The pork sausage in the breakfast platter was yummy.

I personally love the mushroom soup here.
It has lots of tiny chunks of mushroom in it.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Boh Tea Plantation

Beautiful scenery of tea fields.

However, it's a pity that the tea house serves lousy scones with cheapo whipping cream.
Clotted cream PLEASE.

The chocolate cake was alright though.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nature galore at the Highlands

It sure has been awhile since I've whipped out my camera to take nature pictures.
It's always food FOOD FOOD pics. Hehe.

Taken outside Equatorial Hotel.

Taken at the Cactus Farm in Camerons.

Taken at the Butterfly Farm.

God's creations are so amazing. Just look at that web.

HUGE Hibiscus.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Scones in the Highlands.

In case you were wondering how did these two gluttons eat this whole load of food in one visit, well, we visited The Lord's Cafe TWICE because the first time we went there, they ran out of their strawberry fruity scones.

"The ONLY Strawberry Fruity Scone."

I just HAD to try it out.
After all, I'm not sure when will I next return to Cameron Highlands.
I brought back some scones to KL for my family to try it out too :o)

Normal scone which was good as well.

I came across this cafe after googling on where to find the best scones in Cameron Highlands.

Considering that I only ate scones @ The Boh Tea plantation and @ The Lord's Cafe while in Cameron Highlands, The Lord's cafe wins hands down.

Chicken pie. Mike and I liked it.

Lemon cheesecake was a special of the day that day.
Anything SPECIAL gets my attention.

Banana milkshake. Yummy.

Home made hashbrown. Worth ordering! I expected a potato coated with flour, ala your typical hash brown but this is different. It has potatoes, onions, carrots, a little garlic, a little cheese and a dash of oregano spice (if my tastebuds got it right).

I found it pretty addictive and found myself wanting more of it after each bite. If only I could just snack on this while watching my Korean dramas. Tee hee.

The famous fruity scone!

The apple pic with ice cream was delightful as well with generous apple filling.

Mike had TWO mango + banana lassi(s).

Truly a lovely place for tea!

Decided to post this picture the last because it's the least attractive food pic that I took there. Hahahaha. 

Mike ordered a sunny side up and french toast for brunch on our last day in Cameron Highlands. No complaints about the taste because it tastes like how it should be. 

However, do try the scones + hash browns + chicken pie + lassi when visiting :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Idiots in the cold.

Long weekend = opportunity for a short weekend getaway.

We planned this trip a couple of months in advance
because we knew that most people would think like us (herd mentality *cough*)
and that rooms would be fully booked out
had we not booked months ago.
Needless to say, Cameron Highlands was jam-packed that weekend.

A 2 km stretch from Equatorial to Brinchang town took us 1 and a half hours.
It was crazy. Mike kept lamenting on how the jam in Camerons is worse than KL.

Anyway, I didn't expect Cameron Highlands to be cold so I didn't pack any long pants.

But thank goodness that I dumped a cardi and 3 quarter sleeved jacket
in my bag at the very last minute just-in-case.

I asked Mike whether it'd be cold and he assured me that it's not cold.
He explained on how the pollution is so bad
with all the ongoing developments there and the air isn't as cold as it used to be.
Global warming etc.

It made sense to me because Genting isn't as cold as how it used to be as well.

However, it rained on our first day there.
It was 18 degrees and the wind was pretty strong.
The rain water that brushed against us was ice cold.

We were shivering
and we both caught a cold -_-

To add, the apartment floor was SO cold
we had to tip toe and run to get on the sofa (which was also very cold).

The toilet seat . . . . .
reminded me of my winter days in Melbourne.

I must have been the only idiot wearing shorts that day -_-
It was also the first time Mike made use of his car seat warmer. LOL.

Wanted to snap a picture of the lady's umbrella. Almost everyone there was carrying a strawberry print umbrella. I wanted to get one too :P

Strawberry products everywhere in the form of bags, soft toys, clothes, ear mufflers, etc.

The Brinchang market which was causing a massive jam.

The simple steamboat that we had on the first night
was damn shiok
thanks to the cold. 

We were thankful that the restaurant
still served the both of us
even though they were about to close -_-

Thank God ;)
Just the thought of NO steamboat after a 2 hour jam = a ghastly NoOOoOoo.

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Mike and I will have a different noodle cravings from time to time.

There was one point in time where we would eat Lam Mee, Living Food Restaurant @ Uptown almost every other week.

There was another time we would eat Ipoh Hor Fun at Chong Thoong Kee @ TTDI every weekend as well.

There was also a moment we kept on eating Fish Head Noodles, SS20 Fish Head Noodles, Damansara Kim every time we couldn't think of what to eat.

This time around, our persistent noodle cravings have been mee suah for me and his usual kuay teow soup for him @ Kedai Makanan Teow Chew, Jalan SS22/21, Damansara Jaya.

I could eat this everyday.
I love everything in it!

Yong Tau Foo side order. . .which Mike tends to over order every time -_-

Friday, September 13, 2013

JUMBO prawn

Brought Mike to Tonkatsu by Ma Maison @ 1U because
I have been having pork cutlet cravings.

But after this meal, I think I'm gonna stay away from pork katsu for some time.
The food here is good but I just can't eat it too often.

My tastebuds are undergoing puberty.
I don't crave for fast food as much as I used to.
I find Coca Cola too sweet.
I feel a need to detox after a fatty meal.
I have been leaning towards ordering fish over meat.
I can't too much of fried stuff nowadays. My stomach will feel uneasy.
And the list goes on.

I warned Mike that the portions were huge BUT he refused to listen and ordered tofu as a side order.
And as usual, after dinner, he would be complaining about how full he is.

I see the old me in him. Hahaha.

I ordered the Jumbo prawn and pork loin set and was shocked to see how BIG the prawn actually was.

Before that, I was thinking of whether to get 2 Jumbo prawns as my set.
Glad I didn't order that.
DAMN jelak man.

This is actually a picture of the jumbo prawn sliced.

As much as I love prawns, this whole meal was just way too MUCH.
After eating half the prawn, every bite thereafter was a challenge to eat.
It was so filling on its own - and I didn't even eat the fried coated batter.