Thursday, August 8, 2013

Yay to holidays!

It feels great to have a long long weekend to yourself.
4 work free days. Pure bliss.

Especially when the days seem to be getting shorter and shorter.

Especially with the planning and 24/7 googling (I must have perused over hundreds of gowns) and budgeting.
Although I've just started with the planning,
a part of me just wants to get over and done with the whole process
because the longer it takes,
the more my budgeted cost escalates.

With so many ideas in mind and with so many wants 
the planning just keeps getting crazier by the day.
I'm NO bridezilla yet (or so I think).
Thank goodness that I'm no perfectionist either.
I'm just a pretty-nist (I just want things to look pretty).

Anyways, wedding matters aside (to be continued AGAIN and AGAIN hee hee), here are some food pics of our lovely brunch on a Thurday @ Nutmeg, Bangsar Village 2 with ze mother and ze sister.

I loved the salmon - it's a little raw in the middle (and that's what I love about it).
My mum found it a little oily but salmon is generally oily - omega oil.

I was thinking of ordering something NOT fattening initially
but with Southern Fried Chicken on the menu, it was hard to resist.

It was just average in my opinion.
But that's probably because I didn't eat the chicken together fattening sauce (it was really oily).

But I did like the potatoes and omelette though.

Shrooms galore. Tasty.

Nice but boring. Croissant with smoke salmon and scrambled eggs.

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