Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The weight loss race.

My colleagues have been providing moral support
for me to lose weight
for ze BIG day.

BIG skinny day (I hope) :P

I don't even need a personal trainer
when I have many personal 'weight loss' motivators.

"Don't finish your rice."

"You should go exercise."

"There's bootcamp vouchers on Groupon."

"Want to go to Broga Hills?"

"You can join your sis and I to play badminton."

"You don't have much time to lose weight."

"2kgs a month is do-able."

"Just look at Carmen everyday." (Carmen is very slender).

The worst  -

"Come come let's take a picture of Victoria now so that we can compare before and after."

"Let's put a scale in the office and monitor her weight."

Man, just give me some Duromine.
Tee hee. Kidding.

1 comment:

Mike said...

U look fine now la. Don't need for the rat poison durocrap.