Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The road less taken.

The road to being skinny
has been a long and winding road
with many deviations along the way.

Hopefully, this will be one the last few hurdles.

I bought an El Cerdo Living Social voucher some time back
and I had no choice but to spend RM200 worth there -_-

I know I could have given my voucher away
in order to take my weight loss goal SUPER seriously
but BUT but (excuses excuses). . .

I drank carrot juice - 94 calories (I didn't know that carrot juice has SO much calories) -_-

2 sausages (190 calories) and sauerkraut (27 calories)

Portobello mushroom with shrimp, cheese and spinach. I probably ate 50 calories worth.

160 calories worth of pork ribs

I'm not gonna search on dessert calories . . .

I think I need a Senokot for supper.
Kidding, as usual.

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