Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sunrise Duck

Friday's the best day of the week
because somehow, everything's OK on Friday.

It's okay to leave work ON TIME because it's Friday.
It's okay to go for lunch somewhere further because it's Friday.
It's okay to be screwed by your boss because it's Friday.
You have a weekend to recuperate.

Friday, the very reason we work for - to see the light of the weekend.

Yesterday (on Friday), was duck rice day.

Jon the foodie (who professes that he's NOT a foodie)
but is always suggesting to eat everywhere
brought Carmen & I to have a plate of good ol' duck rice @ Sunrise in Seapark.

Sunrise Duck is very the famous, apparently.
I've heard of it before
but that day was actually my first time eating there.

My staple duck rice is at Loong Foong, which in my opinion is better than Sunrise duck.
Sunrise's duck is skinny and the skin isn't as crispy as Loong Foong's duck.

Waiting for a table here is painful.
We arrived at about 12.50 p.m. and the place was packed like sardines.

Waiting for the food here is an EVEN more painful process.

Imagine seeing patrons who managed to get a table even LATER than you getting their food first.

We sent constant reminders to REMIND them of our duck order
but alas, we were ignored, somehow.

I told Alicia our story and she asked, "Is it because you didn't speak in Chinese?"
LOL. No, that wasn't the case.

We ordered "pun zhek ngap" okay.

Anyways, half a duck wasn't enough for the 3 of us.

The shop attendant said that there wasn't enough duck when we told them that we wanted to ta pau ONE packet so we had to order a packet of rice and take some duck from our portion to ta pau for our colleague.

But at that time, there was actually ALOT of duck hanging at the stall
and people who came in later still could order duck for themselves.

So action.

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