Friday, August 2, 2013

Sophie's full moon and Mike's uncountable moons

I'm trying to get used to this transitioning period
of wedding and babies.

It has hit me that life is racing faster
than my mental adaption to these changes.

I have only been engaged for like, 2 weeks
and it's already been feeling like months.

People have been asking me
about my honeymoon
when we have yet to even pick a venue for our wedding.

People have also been asking me about babies.
"When do you plan to have your first child?"
Say WHAT?!

During Sophie's full moon, I heard Alan echo-ing in the background,
"Godmum godmum!"

Did I just hear that right? MUM?
That's a killer word to me, at least at this point in my life.

Yeap, you've got that right.
Mike and I are Godparents.

Whilst Mike has a totally different idea of it
(he sees himself as THE Godfather),
I panicked unnecessarily
because I really am CLUELESS about this role.
I feel that I am entering a whole different world (as dramatic as it may seem).

I was busy searching on google -
what when how where why godparents roles responsibilities

Perhaps, this is just a little taste of the many other things to come
and this is really a prelude to truly living.
After all, life begins at 40?

Lian Shien baked Mike a birthday cake. So sweet of her.


The baby in the photograph held beside baby Sophie is a picture of Alan when he was a baby.
Truly a spitting image of Alan :D

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