Friday, August 23, 2013

So many things to do. So little time.

This blog is slowly transforming from a blog that once used to be clustered with food pics to wedding plans. La la la.

My aunt sent me some wedding magazines all the way from Melbourne.
It was really thoughtful of her :)

After browsing through the magazines she got me,
I realized that I have SO many things that I want.

Beautiful wedding cake. Beautiful wedding cake topper.
Nice wedding favours.

*ka-ching* *ka-ching* *ka-ching*

I have yet to even settle on a theme.
That would really make the planning a whole lot easier.

Mike suggested to have a Zombie/ Walking Dead theme. URGH.

Sometimes, I feel that the only help that guys should give in planning should solely be confined to monetary assistance *cough* especially if a zombie theme proposal comes out from his mouth.

Mike shared this link with me to share his wedding theme aspiration - CLICK.

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