Saturday, August 31, 2013

Road trip to Seremban

Mike couldn't stop nagging like an old man on the way to Seremban because traffic was rather heavy :

"This is why I don't like driving to places like Seremban and Malacca
on a public holiday bla bla bla.
So please stop complaining whevever I don't bring you out on public holidays.
This is the reason why bla bla bla"


I felt like doing something different this weekend
and I suggested to head down to Seremban to EAT!
OM nom nom.

Am grateful that Mike obliged to my command request.
If not, it would have been another uneventful weekend at the mall.

We actually wanted to sign the contract for our wedding venue today
but the person-in-charge isn't at work today.
I just can't WAIT to get it signed. . . 
so that I can move on to the next step
of booking ze wedding vendors.

That would take away 30% of my stress.

Next month, there's gonna be a heavy outflow of capital coming out from our respective bank account. Looks like daily zhap fun for lunch will become a reality.

My very FIRST bowl of Seremban beef noodles in Seremban itself.
So yummy!

We ordered a bowl of beef soup laden with beef balls, tendon and meat which was very tasty too.

I even brought back a packet of beef noodles for my dad to eat.

Sugar cane water

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