Monday, August 19, 2013

One inch forward.

So this week, we'll manage to get our wedding dinner venue sorted out.
Once we manage to get this out of the way,
I'll have a whole load of other things to do.

This is just the beginning.

I now need to look for a ROM venue now.

Ideally, I would want to get married in church BUT, I haven't started going through the whole necessary procedures to get married in church yet, so we shall see how it goes.

My current plan is to have the ROM ceremony a week before the wedding dinner.

I don't want to be a ZOMBIEzilla on my wedding day by having to cram the jip san leong (picking up the bride), tea ceremony, ROM and dinner in one day.

Of course the implication of splitting up the ROM and Chinese dinner from one day to two days all boils down to higher expenditure - for photography, videography and make up. LE sigh.

But but but - You Only Live Once?

And You Only Get Married Once in a Lifetime? Well, at least that's my plan. Hehe.

Thank goodness that Mike's parents are pretty cool about the whole wedding.

They pretty much gave us a free hand to do whatever we want -
no major requirements or comments given
just that Mike's mum's concern was just to ensure that there would be enough parking
and she'd prefer if there was no hard liquor at the wedding.

Easy peasy.

My parents on the other hand . . . .
are very opinionated -_-

"Make sure there is one waiter per table."
"Make sure that there is enough of parking and the place is easily accessible."
"The food at X is horrible."
"Why don't you have it at Sime Darby convention centre? There's plenty of parking."
"This is JUST my opinion. You don't have to follow it."

Anyway, with all that been said,
I thank God for His blessings -
for all that I have and
for all that we have.

The resources, the support and the love
we have been receiving
has been overwhelming :*)

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