Friday, August 2, 2013

Of engagement rings.

Many people have asked me this question before -
"Would you mind if your engagement ring had a small diamond?"

And my answer would be,
"Well, that would be relative to the guy's earnings and spending habits."

If your partner earns well
but you know that he doesn't spend very much on himself,
it would be somewhat expected if he didn't get you a big rock, wouldn't it?

Perhaps, he could be more practical -
ie. he could be saving up
for a house for the both of you, etc.

Imagine if he does not even own a house or a car
but yet he spent all of his life's savings on a ring
just to make you happy?

I'd be thinking twice before saying yes to such a guy -
because as much as he probably loves me and wants to please me,
he should get the 'basic necessities' settled first.

However, if he spends alot on himself (ie. on cars, gadgets, clothes, etc)
but gets you an el cheapo rock,
it's undeniable that it does somewhat imply
that he's not willing to spend on you.

I would personally feel upset. But that's just me.

But with all that being said,
there are girls out there who don't place any emphasis on the ring at all,
of which I'm very sure most guys out there
would be thrilled if they had a partner like this ;)

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