Thursday, August 22, 2013

A little flower power crazy.

I was going a little nuts with the planning initially.

Almost everyday I'd haunt Ali Baba while oooh-ing and ahh-ing
at the wholesale prices of wedding supplies.

However, I'm not confident in purchasing from Ali Baba
because I don't know of anyone who has made purchases using that site.

I was thinking that I'd be able to save a truckload of money
by doing everything D-I-Y and B-I-Y (buy-it-yourself).

No middleman = a whole load of savings for me.

My mind was literally all over the place looking for a GREAT bargain.

I was even thinking of importing my own flowers,
but I didn't know how to begin doing it.
Some suggested to buy the flowers from Cameron Highlands as well.

But one day, I had a light bulb moment.

I started googling for Bougainvilleas as table decorations
because I saw that in my neighbourhood
they were blooming in abundance.

It was one of those exhilirating moments -
like WOW, I could save a whole ton of money $$$
by sneaking around my neighbourhood
with a pair of shears at night ^^

Forget expensive flowers.

Cheap and free flowers are as good ;)

I was so proud of my D-I-Y plan.

I bought the bowl from Daiso and found a spare candle in the house.

Cheap + good = my style. Hahaha.

I even told Mike to plant Bougainvilleas in his garden so that I can harvest them in time for the wedding.

Apart from Bougainvilleas, another easily available plant
which can be obtained in M'sia is the red ginger plant.

When I saw the following on Pinterest, I became all excited !!!

But then, a million and one thoughts came to mind after my 'pet project' started to become serious -

What happens if a guest were to knock this down and the water were to spill all over the table?
What if the home grown flowers don't bloom in time?
Where am I going to get enough of glasses or bowls to place on at least 40 tables?
Who will be arranging this on the table for me?
Should I be wasting money on table deco that will be removed the moment the first dish is served?

So I decided to scrap my wishful thinking.
So much for all the excitement -_-


Mike said...

We gotta dream a lil dream. Keeps life moving.

mizzvickz said...

.....mike, that doesn't sound like u at all. Hahahahaha.