Saturday, August 31, 2013

Road trip to Seremban

Mike couldn't stop nagging like an old man on the way to Seremban because traffic was rather heavy :

"This is why I don't like driving to places like Seremban and Malacca
on a public holiday bla bla bla.
So please stop complaining whevever I don't bring you out on public holidays.
This is the reason why bla bla bla"


I felt like doing something different this weekend
and I suggested to head down to Seremban to EAT!
OM nom nom.

Am grateful that Mike obliged to my command request.
If not, it would have been another uneventful weekend at the mall.

We actually wanted to sign the contract for our wedding venue today
but the person-in-charge isn't at work today.
I just can't WAIT to get it signed. . . 
so that I can move on to the next step
of booking ze wedding vendors.

That would take away 30% of my stress.

Next month, there's gonna be a heavy outflow of capital coming out from our respective bank account. Looks like daily zhap fun for lunch will become a reality.

My very FIRST bowl of Seremban beef noodles in Seremban itself.
So yummy!

We ordered a bowl of beef soup laden with beef balls, tendon and meat which was very tasty too.

I even brought back a packet of beef noodles for my dad to eat.

Sugar cane water

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cross Legged Cafe

The desserts - orange almond cake & chocolate pancakes were glorious.

The smoked chicken rice which Michelle ordered smelled so heavenly.
I pinched a little bit of her rice and I wanted to eat her entire meal. LOL.
I'm gonna order it the next time I head there.

I love how the food served here isn't very conventional.
You can't get most of the stuff served here elsewhere.

CLICK for FB page.

Friday, August 23, 2013

So many things to do. So little time.

This blog is slowly transforming from a blog that once used to be clustered with food pics to wedding plans. La la la.

My aunt sent me some wedding magazines all the way from Melbourne.
It was really thoughtful of her :)

After browsing through the magazines she got me,
I realized that I have SO many things that I want.

Beautiful wedding cake. Beautiful wedding cake topper.
Nice wedding favours.

*ka-ching* *ka-ching* *ka-ching*

I have yet to even settle on a theme.
That would really make the planning a whole lot easier.

Mike suggested to have a Zombie/ Walking Dead theme. URGH.

Sometimes, I feel that the only help that guys should give in planning should solely be confined to monetary assistance *cough* especially if a zombie theme proposal comes out from his mouth.

Mike shared this link with me to share his wedding theme aspiration - CLICK.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A little flower power crazy.

I was going a little nuts with the planning initially.

Almost everyday I'd haunt Ali Baba while oooh-ing and ahh-ing
at the wholesale prices of wedding supplies.

However, I'm not confident in purchasing from Ali Baba
because I don't know of anyone who has made purchases using that site.

I was thinking that I'd be able to save a truckload of money
by doing everything D-I-Y and B-I-Y (buy-it-yourself).

No middleman = a whole load of savings for me.

My mind was literally all over the place looking for a GREAT bargain.

I was even thinking of importing my own flowers,
but I didn't know how to begin doing it.
Some suggested to buy the flowers from Cameron Highlands as well.

But one day, I had a light bulb moment.

I started googling for Bougainvilleas as table decorations
because I saw that in my neighbourhood
they were blooming in abundance.

It was one of those exhilirating moments -
like WOW, I could save a whole ton of money $$$
by sneaking around my neighbourhood
with a pair of shears at night ^^

Forget expensive flowers.

Cheap and free flowers are as good ;)

I was so proud of my D-I-Y plan.

I bought the bowl from Daiso and found a spare candle in the house.

Cheap + good = my style. Hahaha.

I even told Mike to plant Bougainvilleas in his garden so that I can harvest them in time for the wedding.

Apart from Bougainvilleas, another easily available plant
which can be obtained in M'sia is the red ginger plant.

When I saw the following on Pinterest, I became all excited !!!

But then, a million and one thoughts came to mind after my 'pet project' started to become serious -

What happens if a guest were to knock this down and the water were to spill all over the table?
What if the home grown flowers don't bloom in time?
Where am I going to get enough of glasses or bowls to place on at least 40 tables?
Who will be arranging this on the table for me?
Should I be wasting money on table deco that will be removed the moment the first dish is served?

So I decided to scrap my wishful thinking.
So much for all the excitement -_-

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Before the engagement.

I just thought of sharing some details of the events that happened prior to the engagement.

Rewinding back to a year ago,
I remember how fearful I was
about getting married.

Whenever that subject would crop up,
I told warned Mike that if he ever did propose to me,
I'm not sure as to whether I'd say yes
because I wasn't ready.

There were times when I would lay down in bed in my room
just reminiscing and reflecting on my life -
looking at how I've spent 20 over years in this very room of mine,
having wonderful home cooked meals prepared for me
having my dad and mum and family all around
and my dog too.

I just couldn't imagine the thought of moving out from my home.

I know that I should be independent at my age
but perhaps, a huge part of me just refuses to fly out of the nest.

Why would I want to do so
when I am so comfortable and happy at home?

Also, in order to delay the whole 'engagement process',
I would use the excuse *cough*
that I ought to get a bigger ring
because I have fat fingers
and anything less than 1 carat
would look too small on my finger.

Bigger rock = longer time to save up for it.
Hee hee :D

I wanted to stall time
because I was afraid of the engagement coming too soon.

I know that you're thinking that this sounds like a whole load of crap but it's somewhat true.

Well, I like diamonds, that's true, I won't deny it. LOL.
And the other truth is that I was afraid of marriage.

However, I knew that the clock was ticking at the same time.
I was approaching a 'ripe age' for marriage.
Mike would try to 'prep me' by telling me that I'm not young anymore.
Pfft. Why gee thanks for rubbing it in.

It was also somewhat inevitable that Mike and I were definitely heading there. . . down the aisle.

We would speak about marriage every now and then but we knew we had plenty of time back then so it didn't really bother me.

But I knew, I HAD to deal with this issue sooner or later.
I needed to overcome my fear.

So we both made the decision to sign up for the pre-marriage course (even before the engagement happened). I'll write more about this course in a separate post.

We both discovered that we knew each other inside out SO WELL, it was almost a perfect match. But knowing each other inside out but refusing to accommodate to each other's wants and needs is a separate issue altogether.

It is something that we're still working on today, together and will continue working on, for the rest of the days of our lives (I hope).

Monday, August 19, 2013

One inch forward.

So this week, we'll manage to get our wedding dinner venue sorted out.
Once we manage to get this out of the way,
I'll have a whole load of other things to do.

This is just the beginning.

I now need to look for a ROM venue now.

Ideally, I would want to get married in church BUT, I haven't started going through the whole necessary procedures to get married in church yet, so we shall see how it goes.

My current plan is to have the ROM ceremony a week before the wedding dinner.

I don't want to be a ZOMBIEzilla on my wedding day by having to cram the jip san leong (picking up the bride), tea ceremony, ROM and dinner in one day.

Of course the implication of splitting up the ROM and Chinese dinner from one day to two days all boils down to higher expenditure - for photography, videography and make up. LE sigh.

But but but - You Only Live Once?

And You Only Get Married Once in a Lifetime? Well, at least that's my plan. Hehe.

Thank goodness that Mike's parents are pretty cool about the whole wedding.

They pretty much gave us a free hand to do whatever we want -
no major requirements or comments given
just that Mike's mum's concern was just to ensure that there would be enough parking
and she'd prefer if there was no hard liquor at the wedding.

Easy peasy.

My parents on the other hand . . . .
are very opinionated -_-

"Make sure there is one waiter per table."
"Make sure that there is enough of parking and the place is easily accessible."
"The food at X is horrible."
"Why don't you have it at Sime Darby convention centre? There's plenty of parking."
"This is JUST my opinion. You don't have to follow it."

Anyway, with all that been said,
I thank God for His blessings -
for all that I have and
for all that we have.

The resources, the support and the love
we have been receiving
has been overwhelming :*)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday Salad.

My mum's dinner was different from the rest of us
because she doesn't eat beef (unless it's of quality).

The rest of us had salad - but with beef! Mmmm.
It had mango and avacado slices in it too.

NO prizes for guessing who prepared this.
It wasn't me of course.

I was busy jogging walking around  Bukit Kiara TTDI hill this evening so I didn't have time to prepare dinner.

Mike was even worse.
He just walked halfway and gave up.
Tsk tsk tsk.

Friday, August 16, 2013

To spend or not to spend?

Last night, Mike and I had a talk on finances.

I told him of my daily dilemma -
on whether I should splurge on the wedding or not.

I constantly get carried away
with my wants
yet remain grounded
with knowing that
I shouldn't spend unnecessarily.

But then a voice often whispers inside my head -
A wedding is ONCE in a lifetime.

It must be the devil talking. LOL.

End of the day,
Mike said it's okay to spend
within our means
as long as we're both not in debt
over the wedding.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The road less taken.

The road to being skinny
has been a long and winding road
with many deviations along the way.

Hopefully, this will be one the last few hurdles.

I bought an El Cerdo Living Social voucher some time back
and I had no choice but to spend RM200 worth there -_-

I know I could have given my voucher away
in order to take my weight loss goal SUPER seriously
but BUT but (excuses excuses). . .

I drank carrot juice - 94 calories (I didn't know that carrot juice has SO much calories) -_-

2 sausages (190 calories) and sauerkraut (27 calories)

Portobello mushroom with shrimp, cheese and spinach. I probably ate 50 calories worth.

160 calories worth of pork ribs

I'm not gonna search on dessert calories . . .

I think I need a Senokot for supper.
Kidding, as usual.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Pad Krapow

It's official. My sister can cook.

She cooked a meal of pad krapow, minced chicken stuffed in an eggplant and seafood tom yum for the family which was delicious.

Good stuff

The minced pork is so tasty. Plus, I don't usually eat capsicums but my plate was all clean when I was done :P

Please cook more often dear sissy! 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Gown hunting

When I thought that the venue hunt was bad enough,
the gown hunting brought my self esteem
to a new record low.

Perhaps I have been in self denial all this while
but I didn't realize how much weight I have put on
and I'm desperate to lose weight.

My biggest fear is being a chubby and meaty bride. Nooooo.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Lau's Chicken Rice

Hung out at Lau's place on a Friday night
to enjoy his home cooked chicken rice
which was yummy!

The chicken soup was really addictive.

And we ended the day with Alicia's yummy red velvet
and watching Warm Bodies (was my second time watching it).

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Yay to holidays!

It feels great to have a long long weekend to yourself.
4 work free days. Pure bliss.

Especially when the days seem to be getting shorter and shorter.

Especially with the planning and 24/7 googling (I must have perused over hundreds of gowns) and budgeting.
Although I've just started with the planning,
a part of me just wants to get over and done with the whole process
because the longer it takes,
the more my budgeted cost escalates.

With so many ideas in mind and with so many wants 
the planning just keeps getting crazier by the day.
I'm NO bridezilla yet (or so I think).
Thank goodness that I'm no perfectionist either.
I'm just a pretty-nist (I just want things to look pretty).

Anyways, wedding matters aside (to be continued AGAIN and AGAIN hee hee), here are some food pics of our lovely brunch on a Thurday @ Nutmeg, Bangsar Village 2 with ze mother and ze sister.

I loved the salmon - it's a little raw in the middle (and that's what I love about it).
My mum found it a little oily but salmon is generally oily - omega oil.

I was thinking of ordering something NOT fattening initially
but with Southern Fried Chicken on the menu, it was hard to resist.

It was just average in my opinion.
But that's probably because I didn't eat the chicken together fattening sauce (it was really oily).

But I did like the potatoes and omelette though.

Shrooms galore. Tasty.

Nice but boring. Croissant with smoke salmon and scrambled eggs.

Harbour Steamboat

Jon and Kim brought Mike and I for stim steamboat last Saturday.

It felt like a really long journey to get there
(Sri Petaling is outside my radius).

Even though Kim made a booking ,
we still had to wait for some time.

The pork broth is really good.

And the chilli = two thumbs up :)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The weight loss race.

My colleagues have been providing moral support
for me to lose weight
for ze BIG day.

BIG skinny day (I hope) :P

I don't even need a personal trainer
when I have many personal 'weight loss' motivators.

"Don't finish your rice."

"You should go exercise."

"There's bootcamp vouchers on Groupon."

"Want to go to Broga Hills?"

"You can join your sis and I to play badminton."

"You don't have much time to lose weight."

"2kgs a month is do-able."

"Just look at Carmen everyday." (Carmen is very slender).

The worst  -

"Come come let's take a picture of Victoria now so that we can compare before and after."

"Let's put a scale in the office and monitor her weight."

Man, just give me some Duromine.
Tee hee. Kidding.

Monday, August 5, 2013

The wedding venue hunt.

We've been busy hunting for a venue
that fits our requirement and budget
and it sure has been one roller coaster ride.

It has been a testing time for us
and our characters.

Perhaps, a wedding planner would have helped to ease the stress
but I'm not willing to part with a couple of thousands
and whatmore, pay someone MORE than what I'm earning

And even if Mike was happy to pay for a planner
I still wouldn't be happy
to part with money that could pay for our intended wedding bands.

Thank goodness I have really helpful friends
who have been reminding me on what to do step-by-step
and have been constantly been giving me
FREE ideas, recommendations and tips.


I love Google and Pinterest too
but Pinterest drives me to the verge of insanity.
You'll understand what I mean when you're planning your wedding.

I have YET to decide on a theme
because I just want TOO many things.

Too many pretty sparkly pinky pastle-y cute-sy gorgeous BEAUTIFUL things.

x  x  x  x  x

Weddings are really such a luxury.
I mean, I knew that all along but I didn't think that it was going to be THIS expensive.

The wedding demand curve is clearly, inelastic.
With the price per table constantly increasing by 10% every year, it makes me wonder what benchmark is used to justify this increase. Inflation? Bah.

I got fed up of searching for hotels until a point that I just wanted to throw the wedding at a Chinese restaurant.

Not that there's anything wrong with having a wedding in a Chinese restaurant
but it just isn't my first choice
plus Mike said he prefers it to be halal.

Anyhow, when I looked out for Chinese restaurants,
I'm faced with another new set of challenges -
I give up.

Anyways, enough of my ranting.

Time for some PRETTY pictures (ideas oh ideas):

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Edo Ichi

Been to Edo Ichi @ Publika a couple of times.
Some say it's even better than Rakuzen.
But Rakuzen, will always be No. 1 to me.

Some eye candy *cough* for my female readers (of which the only readers are probably Melly, PS and Bec whom are all attached). LOL.

The guy in grey is single.
Interested? Please PM me. Bwahaha.

Miss Ng  :o)

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sunrise Duck

Friday's the best day of the week
because somehow, everything's OK on Friday.

It's okay to leave work ON TIME because it's Friday.
It's okay to go for lunch somewhere further because it's Friday.
It's okay to be screwed by your boss because it's Friday.
You have a weekend to recuperate.

Friday, the very reason we work for - to see the light of the weekend.

Yesterday (on Friday), was duck rice day.

Jon the foodie (who professes that he's NOT a foodie)
but is always suggesting to eat everywhere
brought Carmen & I to have a plate of good ol' duck rice @ Sunrise in Seapark.

Sunrise Duck is very the famous, apparently.
I've heard of it before
but that day was actually my first time eating there.

My staple duck rice is at Loong Foong, which in my opinion is better than Sunrise duck.
Sunrise's duck is skinny and the skin isn't as crispy as Loong Foong's duck.

Waiting for a table here is painful.
We arrived at about 12.50 p.m. and the place was packed like sardines.

Waiting for the food here is an EVEN more painful process.

Imagine seeing patrons who managed to get a table even LATER than you getting their food first.

We sent constant reminders to REMIND them of our duck order
but alas, we were ignored, somehow.

I told Alicia our story and she asked, "Is it because you didn't speak in Chinese?"
LOL. No, that wasn't the case.

We ordered "pun zhek ngap" okay.

Anyways, half a duck wasn't enough for the 3 of us.

The shop attendant said that there wasn't enough duck when we told them that we wanted to ta pau ONE packet so we had to order a packet of rice and take some duck from our portion to ta pau for our colleague.

But at that time, there was actually ALOT of duck hanging at the stall
and people who came in later still could order duck for themselves.

So action.