Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Eve Dinner @ Home

I can't believe how I managed to blog post after post just to catch up so that I can 'close' 2013's memories in time. Tough work. *pat pat* *pats my own back*

However, I know that I'm still missing out on several other events. Bwargh.

Planned Christmas Eve dinner a day before.
This year, everybody seemed to have their own plans on Christmas Eve
so we didn't plan anything.

However, at the very last minute,
we decided to cook a simple dinner
for those who would be at home together with the +1s.

Smoked salmon and cream cheese on crackers

Mushrooms wrapped with bacon

Sister's signature avacado and mango salad

I was in charge of the seafood and chorizo paella.

For a first timer, it was passable although my sis said that it tasted like fried rice.
Don't think I'll be cooking paella in a long, long time.
I'll stick to meats, fish and pasta.

Apple crumble with caramel glaze and ice cream

Friday, December 27, 2013

Beautiful as always.

Christmas lights and decorations along Orchard Road.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

3Crab Delicacy Seafood Restaurant

The memory of the crab bi hun we had 2 years ago here
sure made an impression on us.

It left a mental note for us to return.
And so, we did.
Only to be disappointed.

The bi hun was really wet and soggy.

"It tasted so much better the last time."

Always the case isn't it?
The first bite, the first taste - often delightful, and memorable.
The second bite - WHAT happened? It used to be so much better.

The first bite and the first taste of food is akin to love at first sight.
You fall head over heels at first. . .
only to start discovering much later
on how there are others so much better.
It was the best because you couldn't compare
or didn't have to compare then.

As we were disappointed, we looked to see what others were ordering.
So we told the waiter, we want what they have!

Crab curry it was. A new love.
It was really tasty.
Especially with having the man taus soaking up the flavourful curry.

But alas, it could be Déjà vu once again if we were to revisit this place.
The second time may not be as good as the first.
But as of now, the crab curry still teases occasionally in my mind.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Morton's Steakhouse, Mandarin Oriental, Sg

Managed to secure a 9'o clock booking despite booking 3 days in advance.
The only slots left were either really early or really late. 9 pm is late for me.

Onion bread as big as my Mike's face.

We were wolfing down the bread
and the waiter told us to "slow down"
because we were gonna be full before our mains arrive.


While the steaks here met our expectations . . . . . 

it was the Mac & Cheese that blew me away.

Is is THAT good. Seriously.
An absolute must order if you're a fan of cheeeeseeeee.

Fat arms. Sigh. First world problems?

This dinner was Mike's early Christmas dinner treat.
I've been complaining hinting that we haven't been really dining out at nice places in awhile.

We're currently in the 'saving' cycle for the future and possibly, for the rest of our lives. . .
Growing old sucks. I wanna be a kid again.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Brunch @ Symmetry, Singapore

Initially, I was adamant on having brunch @ Wild Honey
after reading several blogs but the ratings on hungrygowhere
didn't seem too good
so I decided on Symmetry,
recommended by my cousin.

I love the name of this restaurant.
I  love the genius wordplay :)
Symmetry @ Jalan Kubor.

Truffle fries (yum)

Eggs Benedict

Symmetry Eggs Sur Le Plat

Big breakfast (Mike's usual order everywhere)

Brunch was fabulous.
It was really good. Everything was good! :)

Sadly, we couldn't sit down there longer to catch up
because we were given a 'time slot' -_-

My cousin told me that there is 'no place to chill in Singapore'.
There's a queue everywhere.
You can't sit down all day.

x  x  x  x  x  x

My cousin and I were talking about marriage and weddings over brunch
and I kept asking her when's her turn.

She told me that it won't be "so soon" . . .

The following week, her boyfriend proposed :)
Great timing indeed. Congrats dear cousin! xoxo

Monday, December 23, 2013

Jamie's Kitchen, Vivocity

Nowadays, I hardly use my digital camera
because the Iphone 5s camera is superb.

Maybe, all I need now
is to get a digital camera
that is more awesome
than the Iphone camera *HINT HINT*

La la la.

Had dinner with Foong @ Jamie's Kitchen.
Thankfully, reservations were made
so we were seated pretty quickly
BUT, service was still horrendous.

Other tables being served before us.
A couple of reminders were needed.
Drinks took awhile to arrive.
Pffffft. Service was 2/10.

Calamari - nice but portion was minuscule.

Sicilian Tuna Fusilli - great comfort food but it was pretty ordinary.

Black angel spag - pretty good

The Land & Sea Risotto was pretty good.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Chikuwa Tei

Foong recommended Chikuwa Tei to us (the unagi in particular).
I was asking him for restaurant recommendations
and he gave me quite a number
so I had to pick wisely due to our short stay. LOL.

The moment we touched down in Singapore,
we caught a cab (together with our luggage bags)
and headed straight for lunch.

The cab driver was pretty amused
that we didn't want to check into our hotel first.
I was more concerned of the restaurant closing
because we reached Singapore at 1 p.m.
and the restaurant closes at 3 p.m.
Hee hee.

It was a very satisfying lunch :)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Nearing the end.

This month, December, is once again
hectic, hectic, hectic.

The past week, I was struggling with time, the lack of it.
Late nights and yet, I still couldn't cope with the workload.

Absolutely hate it when work comes in like an avalanche.
And it just HAS to be in one go.

I am just trying to convince myself
that it's possibly a blessing in disguise.

Even after my 'short break' to Singapore just 2 weeks ago,
nothing much has changed.
My heart still feels heavy.

Anyway, here I am, 'forcing' myself to blog -
just because I am aging and I want to document
the places I've been to
because I have a tendency of forgetting.

I am going to flood my blog while I have some time to spare ;)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Watch Hunting

Have been watch hunting for my wedding gift. LOL.
And I am torn in between so many -_-

However, after much searching,
I have shortlisted the following :

There's now the debate -
Constellation vs Ladymatic
White vs Babyblue (I love the blue but white is easier to match)
Leather vs Chain Strap.

If only the daily stresses were as such everyday.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

How much is too much?

The whole wedding planning
has come to a standstill (well, somewhat)
because I've been busy busy busy.

After securing the venue,
and the dress,
the shoes
and photographer
and videographer,
I feel that I've got everything under control.

BUT, there's so many other things -
like the make up artist (which is so hard to find)
evening dress
wedding emcee
wedding coordination
bridesmaid/zhi mui gowns
the deco/flowers
to tackle -_-

Sometimes, I feel like pulling my hair out.
because I can't make up my mind.

Should I pay for a make up artist
that costs nearly as much as my gown? -_-
I feel SO reluctant to spend
but yet, I know that I have to?

Geez. I answered my own question.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Friday Night

Yesterday, I was shining brightly.
It sure has been awhile.
I almost forgot what it felt like to be a lamp post.
The shadow of a loving couple.
What an oxymoron.

Watching L* protecting A* from the rain.
While I was drenched behind.

Hahaha. I kid I kid.
Thanks for dinner :)

Daorae+ @ Solaris Dutamas is pretty good.

Speaking of Friday nights, I realized that I have not been going on "date nights" with Mike.
I wanna go somewhere nice. PFFFFT.