Sunday, October 1, 2017

First time to Kota Kinabalu

A couple of months back, we went to KK to attend a friend's wedding.

We stayed at Magellan Sutera Harbour during the first few and last few days of our trip.
We opted to stay at this hotel as we wanted to stay at a "beach resort" near the city.

For the price that we paid, I expected better.

The rooms were so, so old and cleanliness is questionable as Olivia picked up a chicken bone from the carpet. YUCK.

The bathroom is so dated as well.
The rooms are in dire need of refurbishment.

We stayed at the garden view room and sea view room.

We paid a higher premium for the "sea view" but what good is a good view when the room condition was worse than the garden view room.

The air conditioning was not working properly. 
The bathtub faucet was leaking.
And the one of the lifts was not functioning - we had a wait AGES to get to our room because there'd always be a queue.

It was a disappointing stay.

However, I do have to give the hotel credit for their swimming pool facility.

The pool is huge!
They have kids life vests available to be used.
Plus, they have an air pump to inflate your floats.

We brought Olivia's floats along but Mike said that her floats looked too boring and got her this car float from a shop in the hotel.

She absolutely loved it!

They even have a bouncy slide!

This is how the room looks like.

The room smells too. It has a damp smell lingering around.

I believe that the cause of the mould in the air is because of the bad bathroom design as the water from the bathtub, if sprayed at the wrong direction can seep through the window and wet the room carpet. Talking from experience. LOL.

The view from our sea view room.

And oh, the beach is a total let down.

The beach is limited to this very, very small area and if you noticed the red flag in the picture, it means that it is not advisable to wade in the sea because it's jellyfish season.

We paid so much for the hotel for nothing, except for the location and pool.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Food Galore @ Pangkor Laut

The Resident's Package covers all three meals and the food portions are pretty sizeable. 
In fact, I felt that we overate for every meal!

I definitely did put on weight during my stay at Pangkor Laut.

I love the buffet spread at Feast Village. 
The spread is so comprehensive - it's full of local delights. 

Olivia was the easiest to please - all she wanted was EGGS!

The food at Uncle Lim's was also good. 

But I'd skip the desserts there though - I ordered some avocado and orange dessert and it was a major let down. 

Orange and avocado do not compliment one another in my opinion.

Uncle Lim's

The view from where we were seated.

It's best to go for an early dinner to be able to appreciate the surrounding view.
When it gets dark, you can't really see anything.

We went to Uncle Lim's for dinner twice. It would have been 3 times had it not been fully booked during the first night we were there. 

I actually booked dinner at Uncle Lim's during the 2 days that we were there. 

I would have never thought that restaurant bookings were required at hotels because most of the time, there'd be ample space.

Lunch @ Chapman's Bar

The view from where we were seated.

Olivia's meal - I love how they have a kids' menu available - and it's also included in the package! ;)

We did not have to fork out extra for her meals.

I actually brought way too much stuff during this trip.

After experiencing her picky eating during our Japan trip, I made sure to bring my electric box along for this trip. I even brought pasta, vegetables (corn & beans), a can of tuna, chicken stock, etc. to cook meals for her. I didn't even end up using any of it.

I did bring enough Cerelac though and would feed her Cerelac cereal for meals that she refused to eat.

Mee mamak - huge prawn but according to Mike it didn't taste very fresh.

The satay here is nice!

We also dined at Royal Bay Beach club for lunch.

Burger. Cheese. Yum.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sun, Sea, Swim

I have very fond memories of beach holidays with the family when I was younger.
But now that I am OLDer, I am actually not much of a beach person.

I am actually a little scared of the sea. I hate sand flies. I do not like getting tan. I like swimming, but with my spare tyre, all my swim suits are just too tight and uncomfortable. HAHAHA. Maybe, it's time for a new swim suit.

But really, after coming back from a beach holiday, rest assured that I'd get some sort of rash on my legs after a dip in the sea.

I liked the pool because it's actually quite deep.

Trying out her Swim Trainer float that I just bought before the trip.

I felt that she kept slipping backwards in the float though. 
We had to keep lifting her up to push her forward.
Not sure if we properly put it on. Hmmm.

They have a kids' pool beside the adult pool.

The weather was good throughout the trip except for our last day here.

It was Olivia's first time at the beach.

Teaching her how to play with the sand.

She was a little apprehensive of the waves at first and was pretty scared.
But once she got used to it, she could not stop running towards the sea.

Can't wait for our next beach trip.
Hopefully she'll have as much fun.